Exposed Concrete Flooring

The procedure is made up of 6 stages of polishing with every step implementing varying qualities of diamond piece of equipment to create a gloss, hard-wearing, slip resistant, stain-resistant surface as well as needing less effort to maintain the surface. The focal point is on the exposure of vast amounts of aggregates, usually 10mm in size to provide a terrazzo-like surface finish effect.

Exposed polished concrete flooring is an up-to-date, elegant appearance that is definitely increasing in recognition among our clients. Where it is carried out appropriately, exposed polished concrete floors result in clean finish that brings unique and eye-catching appeal to any environment.

Benefits of Converting Existing Concrete to Exposed Polished Concrete Floors

If you choose to install exposed polished concrete flooring, you can find several benefits of transforming your current concrete into beautifully exposed concrete floors:

  • This procedure gives a sparkle to an originally greyish or boring concrete floor. The process appears to be simple, however it needs excellent expert knowledge along with the application of technical tooling to grind the surface area to the preferred level of polish and smoothness.

  • Using this method is usually chosen in place of floor tiles, granite and marble, any of which could be downright costly add-ons to an interior floor area.

  • Polished concrete densifiers and stain guards operates from within the concrete and leaves the surface area with protection against stains or discolouration and injuries.

Choosing Exposed Concrete Flooring

In the long run, the determining factor for deciding on exposed concrete flooring are dependent on your imagination as well as your financial budget, in addition to the space’s capacity. Basically, selecting a polished concrete floor layout will be determined by what you really need rather than what you would like. In a business environment, making the most of a long-lasting floor performance as well as usefulness in many parts of your work area will certainly add more value all the way through the life of your business.