Fine Diamond Polishing

The fine diamond polished concrete floors produces excellent floor surface finishes. The procedure involves 4 phases of polishing with every stage working with different levels of diamond tool to create a high gloss slip-proof, hard to wear, stain resistent as well as very easy to clean surface area. The importance is focused on the exposure of sands together with small amount of particles to create a pepper pot-like surface finish effect.

Eco-friendly Fine Diamond Polished Concrete Flooring

      • Fine diamond polished concrete flooring are also regarded as being the most renewable, greenest flooring surfaces you can find today. It really is produced from the natural environment. Installing fine diamond polished concrete floors involves taking the current foundational concrete and then improving the floor coverings with innovative surface finish refinement. This enhances the visual together with the value of the property.

The Fine Diamond Polishing Process

Here we shall guide you through the procedure that changes your floor surfaces by installing fine diamond polished concrete flooring:

      • Our primary phase is usually to check that your concrete floor is appropriate for the polishing project. This we do by clearing the surface of any residual materials such as adhesives or coatings.
      • The next stage is, once the surface is cleaned and ready, we will grind the concrete floor to level and flatten the floor surfaces in readiness for the finish polishing.
      • The floor is practically prepared for the final polishing. However to start with, we need to ensure that the concrete floor surface foundation is sufficiently hard in order to resist any interruption from any spills or dirt and dust. We achieve this by dispensing chemical type densifiers to the concrete surfaces before they are completely polished.
      • We are now ready to start the finishing stages of polishing the floor. Here we work with fine diamond studded grinding machine to produce a reflective concrete surface finish that results in your fine diamond polished concrete flooring sparkling over many years.
      • Midland Flooring ensures you are well informed at different stages of the polishing phase. No two floors are ever the same, as a result the floor finish outcome will be different and individual.