Industrial Polished Concrete

Machinery and tooling - Glossy – Reflective – Hard wearing surface

Hipertrowel system 

Using a combination of specially selected polishing pads and Lithium-based products we can achieve a floor you will be proud of. We are so confidant with the results we offer free small area onsite demonstrations.

Our cleaners, densifiers and sealants are specially formulated to clean and enhance polished concrete – power floated concrete when combined with honing polishing pads. Our processes increase the abrasion resistance of any concrete floor. The Husqvarna Hipertrowel system was designed to polish a large, unobstructed, and relatively flat area quickly. The trowel is ideal for industrial floors from 200 sq. m.

 and up. Both newly poured slabs and older, pre-existing floors can be polished quickly with the system.

The Hipertrowel system is a four-step wet polishing process along with three optional final steps. In addition to a power trowel finish, a complete set-up includes Husqvarna Hiperflex TRW tool pads, chemicals, Hipertrowel gryo drivers, power trowel attachments, a squeegee vacuum and a hose connected to a tap.

Both the Hipertrowel gyro driver and Hiperflex TRW tool pads are designed for maximum flexiblity in all directions. This allows the diamond tool pucks to follow the floor surface in the high and low spots and create a homogenous salt and pepper finish. Strong magnets securely mount Hiperflex TRW tool pads underneath the Hipertrowel gyro drivers.

The Hipertrowel system is capable of two main finishes fine (pepper pot )or exposed aggregates. performs best when:

Remove, harden, seal & maintain



  • Removes waxes, acrylics, and most low solids cures & seals from concrete floors.
  • Low odour for interior use.
  • Does not affect the concrete colour.
  • Contains readily biodegradable materials



  • Easy, one-step application. No scrubbing. No flushing. No caustic wastewater.
  • Penetrates and reacts quickly to produce better initial hardness.
  • Renders floors of any age dustproof.
  • Performance of treated floors improves with traffic and maintenance.
  • Improves performance, appearance, and light reflectance of new or old concrete.
  • Does not contribute to surface crazing.
  • Will not absorb water or contribute to floor sweating.
  • Gloss and hardness do not reduce slip resistance.
  • Breathable and UV stable. Will not yellow, discolour, peel or flake.
  • Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Low odour.
  • Treated surfaces are easy to maintain and require no waxing required



  • Improved early water resistance.
  • Low odour. Easy to apply. Fast-drying.
  • Produces a long-lasting, high gloss finished concrete floor.
  • Eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid polishes, and conventional resin-based coatings.
  • Further improves the surface sheen and stain resistance of floors treated with Hard
  • Gloss and hardness do not reduce slip resistance.
  • Breathable and UV stable. Will not yellow, discolour, peel or flake.
  • Non-flammable. Non-toxic. VOC compliant