Thin Floor Polished Overlay or Low Depth Polished Screed Flooring.

A Polished Levelling Screed is used to leave a flat, level surface with enough strength to act as the finished wearing course to provide slip resistance and abrasion resistance of the highest standards.

Can Thin Floor Polished Micro Cement Screed Be Used as The Final Flooring Surface?

A Polished Cement Screed floor of this kind is usually not intended to act as what is known as a ‘wearing surface’. In other words, it is a base layer that although strong, will need protecting with a top layer of flooring, however not all concrete has the same quantities of ingredients. We have over time worked with several manufacturers to develop wearing screeds that can be polished to produce reflective easy to clean surfaces that are used as a top layer of the finished flooring. These are referred to by many names such as Polished Overlay, Polished Screed, Polished Topping, Polished Micro Cement, Polished skim Coat or Polished Cement.

There are many benefits to thin Polished Toppings.

  • uperior hardness increased abrasion resistance reduces surface wear and increases project life expectancy.
  • High gloss with improved slip resistance in most cases (guaranteed a minimum slip resistance level of 58 dry & 36 in wet as measured with a pendulum slip tester and applying temperature variant of -3 points.
  • Dustproof, non-marking, easy to clean for reduced maintenance cost.
  • Does not yellow, chip, peel, or flake with age or exposure
  • Environmentally responsible.

Why Choose Midland Flooring?

Midland Flooring has an enviable reputation that is not easily or readily matched by other companies.

  • We have 30 years of experience in installing Polished Skim Coat flooring solutions in properties   across the country
  • We offer thin polished screed flooring solutions to domestic and business customers
  • Our team is fully trained in all aspects of installing concrete or screed floors
  • Health and safety of paramount importance and we are members of various schemes such as those run  by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • We have stringent quality assurance processes, complaint with ISO9001: Quality Management  Systems

Micro cement Inside McEwan Hall

In other words, you get the best product at the right price, every time!

  The McEwan Hall is the graduation hall of the University of Edinburgh

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