Refined Diamond Polished Concrete Floors

Refined diamond polished concrete floors is considered the most minimum amount of concrete grinding we can supply. The procedure comprises of three phases of polishing, with each phase using different type of grades of diamond machine to provide a gloss, fall-resistant, long-lasting, stain resistant as well as floor surface maintenance convenience.

The present concrete is grinded and then polished based on a reliable and methodically tested procedure with highly effective concrete polishing diamond tools. The effect is a refined diamond polished concrete flooring with an absolutely smooth polished surface finish of an exceptional quality, both functionally as well as visually.

Techniques used in Refined Diamond Polished Concrete Floors

To produce a refined diamond polished concrete floors, there is a process of grinding as well as polishing of concrete floors. This is achieved with diamond tools in a number of phases with slightly smaller sized diamonds on each occasion. The method includes grinding, refinement and polishing. This process provides the surface area a high gloss smoothness and also all the features that characterise a realistic refined diamond polished flooring.

The surface area will likely be high gloss polished, therefore you get a practical, cost-effective as well as eco-friendly refined diamond polished concrete floor.

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