Finding The Right Floor For Your Home

Your home is your castle. You want it to be stylish and practical. One of the biggest decisions you will make is the choice of flooring.

On one hand, you want something neutral in colour and shade but not show stains. With a family, including pets, opting for a beige carpet is possibly the worst decision. And yet, a darker carpet or floor covering will close the space down.

Finding the right flooring solution depends on many things. Why not take a look at these questions – what would your answers be?

What room is it?

An obvious question, the answer to which can have a bearing on the flooring decision you make. For example, the kitchen is a place where you can expect food and drinks spills and stains. The bathroom is a wet environment, but not only that, you want a flooring covering that is non-slip.

Choosing the right flooring solution depends just as much on choosing a material that has the right properties to cope in the situation it is placed in. Hence, bathroom carpets tend to hoard micro-organisms and smell within weeks of use. Carpets in kitchens will become stained and unappealing to the eye within weeks too.

Who is going to use it?

The two biggest group of users who have a big impact on any floor covering are children and pets. And the truth is, the more children and pets that will be using it, the more robust you need the flooring solution to be.

Carpeting by the front door and in the hallway tends to look fairly grubby, fairly quickly simply because everybody uses it and frequently too.

How often will you use it?

Frequency of use is also a factor and one that will have a bearing on your choice too. There are certain rooms within a home that are used more often than not.

Transient places such as hallways and staircases are used several times a day but the lounge can be the place that the family retreat to of an evening. The kitchen and dining room tend to be busy places, with people gathering all at once, balancing food on plates and trying to keep their drink in their cups.

Pretty soon, some flooring materials in high frequency places can begin to look a little worn, tired and jaded – and yet you’ve only had the flooring laid for a matter of weeks or months!

However, if you think all this rules out your favoured choices of flooring solutions, take heart because there is an option: polished concrete floors.

Polished concrete floors and style

There are many benefits to polished concrete floors. It is a flooring solution that more and more people are opting for, reaping the rewards on a daily basis. Impervious to stains, perfect for a wet environment like the bathroom, great for the hallway, the lounge and the bedrooms too, concrete flooring has everything you need.

What style is your interior?

The style of your interior will also impact on your choice of flooring. When it comes to polished concrete floors, this is about deciding the final look and finish of the floor. Take a look at these ideas…

Scandinavian Chic

As you wander around the large stores of a well-known Swedish furniture manufacturer and designer, you will have noticed a certain style. Clean lines, natural products, cool greys and pleasing whites, beech wood and laminate falls all encompass the pleasingly clean lines on Scandinavian chic.

Polished concrete floors fit right in with this deign scheme too. Opt for very white floors, or a concrete floor is a light, neutral tone. Add texture and warmth with a well-placed rug.


Beams, dried flowers, exposed woods – what is there not to love about the country look? For the floor, many farmhouses and country retreats use stone, flagged or slate tiles, perfect if you have the budget.

Polished concrete floors can masquerade as all kind of materials, so if you want the pleasing look stone flagged flooring, why not opt for concrete, stamped and coloured to look just like it?

Modern and minimal

The minimalistic interior is becoming all the rage and this is great news for concrete floors because, if there is one material that looks stunning and fits right into the principles of minimalism, it is concrete floors.

Easy to clean and take care of, the vast expanse of a concrete floor, polished to a high shine and coloured to be a neutral but warm colour, it sits well within a modern design.

Or any design scheme or home for that matter. Interested? Call us today to see just how versatile and affordable a concrete floor is.