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Polished Concrete Floor Types

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External Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete can be a fabulous external addition to out door areas. External polished concrete needs to be a minimum of 200mm onto hardcore and we recommend that the hardcore is installed falling at 1:40 in one direction to allow us to maintain a minimum depth of 200mm for the polished concrete. The concrete cannot be installed to multiple falls as the polishing machines are not able to polish multiple angles.  A section of external polished concrete is below.

  • Hardwearing low maintenance – This is a heavy duty 200mm steel reinforced concrete floor.
  • It wont wobble like patio slabs.
  • There are no gaps for weeds to grow through like block paving.


  • Whilst the floor has a good slip resistance due to how smooth it is if the floor is saturated with water there is a risk of aquaplaning, therefore caution is required when wet.

Refined Diamond Polished Concrete Floors

Refined diamond polished concrete floors is considered the most minimum amount of concrete grinding we can supply. The procedure comprises of three phases of polishing, with each phase using different type of grades of diamond machine to provide a gloss, fall-resistant, long-lasting, stain resistant as well as floor surface maintenance convenience.

The present concrete is grinded and then polished based on a reliable and methodically tested procedure with highly effective concrete polishing diamond tools. The effect is a refined diamond polished concrete flooring with an absolutely smooth polished surface finish of an exceptional quality, both functionally as well as visually.

Techniques used in Refined Diamond Polished Concrete Floors

To produce a refined diamond polished concrete floors, there is a process of grinding as well as polishing of concrete floors. This is achieved with diamond tools in a number of phases with slightly smaller sized diamonds on each occasion. The method includes grinding, refinement and polishing. This process provides the surface area a high gloss smoothness and also all the features that characterise a realistic refined diamond polished flooring.

The surface area will likely be high gloss polished, therefore you get a practical, cost-effective as well as eco-friendly refined diamond polished concrete floor.

Fine Diamond Polished Concrete Floors

The fine diamond polished concrete floors produces excellent floor surface finishes. The procedure involves 4 phases of polishing with every stage working with different levels of diamond tool to create a high gloss slip-proof, hard to wear, stain resistent as well as very easy to clean surface area. The importance is focused on the exposure of sands together with small amount of particles to create a pepper pot-like surface finish effect.

Eco-friendly Fine Diamond Polished Concrete Flooring

Fine diamond polished concrete flooring are also regarded as being the most renewable, greenest flooring surfaces you can find today. It really is produced from the natural environment. Installing fine diamond polished concrete floors involves taking the current foundational concrete and then improving the floor coverings with innovative surface finish refinement. This enhances the visual together with the value of the property.

The Fine Diamond Polishing Process
  • Here we shall guide you through the procedure that changes your floor surfaces by installing fine diamond polished concrete flooring:
  • Our primary phase is usually to check that your concrete floor is appropriate for the polishing project. This we do by clearing the surface of any residual materials such as adhesives or coatings.
  • The next stage is, once the surface is cleaned and ready, we will grind the concrete floor to level and flatten the floor surfaces in readiness for the finish polishing.
  • The floor is practically prepared for the final polishing. However to start with, we need to ensure that the concrete floor surface foundation is sufficiently hard in order to resist any interruption from any spills or dirt and dust. We achieve this by dispensing chemical type densifiers to the concrete surfaces before they are completely polished.
  • We are now ready to start the finishing stages of polishing the floor. Here we work with fine diamond studded grinding machine to produce a reflective concrete surface finish that results in your fine diamond polished concrete flooring sparkling over many years.

Midland Flooring ensures you are well informed at different stages of the polishing phase. No two floors are ever the same, as a result the floor finish outcome will be different and individual.

Exposed Concrete Floors

Exposed polished concrete flooring is an up-to-date, elegant appearance that is definitely increasing in recognition among our clients. Where it is carried out appropriately, exposed polished concrete floors result in clean finish that brings unique and eye-catching appeal to any environment.

Benefits of Converting Existing Concrete to Exposed Polished Concrete Floors
  • If you choose to install exposed polished concrete flooring, you can find several benefits of transforming your current concrete into beautifully exposed concrete floors:
  • This procedure gives a sparkle to an originally greyish or boring concrete floor. The process appears to be simple, however it needs excellent expert knowledge along with the application of technical tooling to grind the surface area to the preferred level of polish and smoothness.
  • Using this method is usually chosen in place of floor tiles, granite and marble, any of which could be downright costly add-ons to an interior floor area.
  • Polished concrete densifiers and stain guards operates from within the concrete and leaves the surface area with protection against stains or discolouration and injuries.
Choosing Exposed Concrete Flooring

In the long run, the determining factor for deciding on exposed concrete flooring are dependent on your imagination as well as your financial budget, in addition to the space’s capacity. Basically, selecting a polished concrete floor layout will be determined by what you really need rather than what you would like. In a business environment, making the most of a long-lasting floor performance as well as usefulness in many parts of your work area will certainly add more value all the way through the life of your business.

Thin Floor Polished Overlay or Low Depth Polished Screed Flooring

A Polished Levelling Screed is used to leave a flat, level surface with enough strength to act as the finished wearing course to provide slip resistance and abrasion resistance of the highest standards.

Can Thin Floor Polished Micro Cement Screed Be Used as The Final Flooring Surface?

A Polished Cement Screed floor of this kind is usually not intended to act as what is known as a ‘wearing surface’. In other words, it is a base layer that although strong, will need protecting with a top layer of flooring, however not all concrete has the same quantities of ingredients. We have over time worked with several manufacturers to develop wearing screeds that can be polished to produce reflective easy to clean surfaces that are used as a top layer of the finished flooring. These are referred to by many names such as Polished Overlay, Polished Screed, Polished Topping, Polished Micro Cement, Polished skim Coat or Polished Cement.

There are many benefits to thin Polished Toppings
  • Superior hardness increased abrasion resistance reduces surface wear and increases project life expectancy.
  • High gloss with improved slip resistance in most cases (guaranteed a minimum slip resistance level of 58 dry & 36 in wet as measured with a pendulum slip tester and applying temperature variant of -3 points.
  • Dustproof, non-marking, easy to clean for reduced maintenance cost.
  • Does not yellow, chip, peel, or flake with age or exposure.
  • Environmentally responsible.

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