Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors provide a smooth, mirror-like surface finish. The design choices for polished concrete are limitless. You can select practically any specific colour, design variations, or simply add aggregates or even unique objects into the concrete floor just before polishing. The light reflection on the surface area can be controlled by applying different levels of a concrete floor polishing. Our polished concrete flooring is the most suitable solution for a contemporary up-to-date overall look, which is perfect for an all-natural polished concrete appearance. Areas that polished concrete floor can be used include: retail outlets, art galleries, residential homes and commercial buildings. Polished concrete floors are in demand simply because they are very easy to maintain. To maintain polished floors normally requires dirt and dust mopping combined with regular use of a polished floor maintenance product.

Types of Polished Concrete Floors:

  • Refined diamond polished concrete floors
    this is where we grind about 1mm off the floor exposing very little aggregate

    Fine diamond polished concrete floors
    this is where we grind 3mm off the floor exposing some aggregate .

  • Exposed diamond polished concrete floors.
    This is where we grind 5mm off the floor exposing lots of aggregate.

  • These floor can be installed at 75mm for a topping floor or 150mm as a structural floor, both can incorporate underfloor heating.

  • Polished micro concrete is a thin section topping usually installed at 10mm and is polished to a fine diamond finish.

Where Polished Concrete can be used

A number of polished floors end-users basically like a design that is unique. This shows that polished concrete flooring is an especially perfect solution for residential and even commercial and industrial buildings that cannot meet the expense of marble or granite floor surfaces, but then would like the same consistent, remarkable, mirror-like surface finish. The most typical places that polished concrete floors can be used include:

  •  large storage warehouses
  • privately owned residences
  • office buildings
  • retail outlets
  • motor vehicle showrooms
  • restaurants and hotels

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Domestic property owners, retail stores, educational environments, also healthcare centres are opting for polished concrete floors for their surface area covering, as a result of the competitive advantage that smooth floor covering delivers over many other types of flooring surfaces. Decorative concrete such as polished floors has turned out to be the obvious alternative, as a result of the impressive benefits it offers, and this is because it can easily keep pace visually too. Easy To Clean Light Reflective Durable Hard Wearing Environmentally Friendly

Old concrete or new concrete

Our processes are effective on old and new concrete. The upside here is that most aged concrete floors can now be economically rejuvenated with the system. Once the floor has been renewed and a regular maintenance program is adopted, you now have a floor that is low maintenance, slip resistant, anti-static, dust free and light reflective and will last for decades instead of years, with a very affordable amount of care. Regular washing with a specially prepared, concentrated cleaner and conditioner solution is all that’s needed to keep the floor in first class condition.

Lowest Maintenance – Key to Success

Certainly polished concrete floors require periodic maintenance like other flooring solutions, but the techniques used to clean these floors are the cheapest methods possible. Moreover, these floors last longer, at-least 20 years. A great variety of colours and designs are also some of the reasons why polished concrete floors have gained so much popularity today.