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Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

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Polished Concrete Floors in Business Environments

Commercial polished concrete floors in a business environment, such as in retail stores, salons, restaurants as well as office buildings can really create an amazing first impression. Polished concrete floors are hard-wearing and cost-effective, in addition to having minimal maintenance as compared to other flooring surfaces available in the market.

In very high visibility commercial areas with increased foot traffic, polished concrete type of floor surface is an effective alternative to hardwood, floor tile or rug / carpet. Apart from the fact that the floor can easily resist heavy foot traffic when compared to other forms of flooring materials, the commercial polished concrete floors can also be customised to provide a limitless variety of appealing effects.

Performance and Durability of Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

Commercial polished concrete floors generally have greater expectations placed on them when it comes to overall performance together with durability and robustness. They generally require best performance surface finishes and coatings, to enable them to withstand excessive foot traffic, scratches, stains and spills.

Additionally commercial polished concrete floors have to be slip-resistant to prevent accidental injuries to staff as well as customers and visitors. In hotels or restaurants, concrete floors need to be easy to clean and can resist spills and foodstuff staining. For a lasting of beautiful floor surfaces, consider commercial polished concrete floors.

Industrial Polished Concrete Floors

Industrial polished concrete floors in manufacturing premises and warehouses benefit considerably from polished concrete. Businesses in many countries are switching from plastic resin coated and dyed floors to industrial polished concrete floors for good reasons.

We can supply industrial polished concrete floors to aerospace corporations, food items packaging facilities, motor vehicle assembly factories as well as repair garages. All these commercial environments have already experienced the advantages of the switch to polished concrete floors.

Benefits Of Installing Industrial Polished Concrete Floors

  • Energy savings by using less lighting
  • Reduced amount of cleaning chemical substances
  • Minimum maintaining
  • Absolutely no repainting
  • No need for coating repairs
  • Better slip-resistance than some of the alternatives.

Each of our industrial polished concrete floors are completely sealed using different forms of stain-guard for ultimate resistance, and can be polished to varied degrees of appearance for the floor surface finish.

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