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Why Underfloor Heating?

Midland Polished Concrete: the UK's Leading Nationwide Specialists

For Your Comfort

Underfloor heating provides consistent and comfortable warmth by radiating heat from the floor, eliminating cold spots and creating a cosy environment. Additionally, it allows for efficient and even heat distribution, potentially reducing energy consumption and providing flexibility in room layout without the need for visible radiators.

Interior Design

Underfloor heating allows for minimalist design by eliminating the need for radiators, which can be unsightly and dictate the layout of your design space.


Underfloor heating heats the lower part of the body (neck down); this allows the head to remain at a comfortable temperature. It can keep your bare feet warm all year.


Suppose you have a large enough underfloor heating system and manage it correctly. Thanks to a more even heat distribution than possible using traditional radiators, you can save on heating bills.

Home Cleaning

Removing the unsightly radiators eliminates places for dust to gather, resulting in less dusting and cleaning.

Improved Heat Distribution

Our underfloor heating systems are high quality and achieve a more effective and even heat distribution than in spaces heated by the more traditional fireplace and radiator systems. Encapsulating the underfloor heating system within a concrete or a screed floor provides thermal mass that will retain heat and ensure your room stays warm after switching off the heating than would be the case with a traditional radiator system.

Peace and quiet

Underfloor heating systems are generally quieter than radiator systems, which can sometimes grunt and groan as water circulates.


Not immediately apparent, but you now have a system that can eliminate the potential for exposed hot pipes upon which you could pick up nasty burns. Underfloor heating also offers improved thermal circulation, creating a healthier environment than radiator systems.

Are there any disadvantages?

Installation Costs

Whilst prices can vary depending on many factors, there’s no escaping the fact that good quality underfloor heating requires capital investment. It’s a big decision and investment. Using Underfloor Heating Installers for your project can reduce the number of contractors working in your home.

Risks to Furniture and equipment

When designing underfloor heating systems, it is essential not to run pipes beneath spaces intended for permanent furniture, such as cupboards with perishable food and refrigerators.

Some types of furniture will need insulating against the effects of underfloor heating. Musical instruments such as pianos may require placing on insulated stands.

Nationwide Coverage

Why Choose Midland Polished Concrete?

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You can rely on our 30 years experience of polished concrete floors.

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Encapsulated Underfloor Heating

Concrete and screed are natural heat conductors and perfect for underfloor heating.

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