How to Clean Sealed Concrete Floors

Invariably, when looking at a suitable flooring solution for your home or workplace, you will wonder how easy it is to keep the flooring material clean.

And how to clean sealed concrete floors is a question you should ask because we are all far too busy to spend hours and hours polishing and buffing the floor to keep it looking fabulous. Neither do you want the effect to last only a few short days and once family life has resumed in your home, damages or dulls the concrete floor.

You want a floor that you can keep hygienically clean with the minimal amount of effort possible. And the good news is that concrete floors are simple, quick and easy to clean. No fuss. No buffing and no polishing.

It is why you chose concrete in the first place

Concrete is a material that is durable and robust.

It can withstand all kinds of pressures and use from cars being parked on in the garage, to kids and their toys in the lounge.

With various treatment and applications, it can be turned from grey, boring and industrial into a material that mimics other far-more-expensive and luxurious looking, like marble.

When it is sealed using the correct substance, your concrete floor can last a lifetime and more.

It may need re-sealing way off in the future but in the here and now, it is a flooring solution that can and will last a very long time.

And keeping it clean is simple and very, very easy…

How to clean sealed concrete floors – what tools will you need?

You won’t need to spend thousands of pounds on any special equipment let along any special cleaners and other substances.

You will need:

  • A soft bristle broom for floor sweeping
  • A dust mop can also be a great addition to your cleaning arsenal; the head is often detachable, therefore the cotton or towelling slip can be washed at high temperatures in your washing machine
  • A wet mop, the type is down to your preference
  • A bucket
  • Warm water
  • Mild detergent – in most cases, the usual mild detergents that can be used on laminate or wooden floors will suffice because as yet, there is no specific product for sealed, internal polished concrete floors
  • For stubborn stays, you can use bleach but don’t over use and don’t use a harsh, metal bristled scrubbing brush

How to care for your polished floor

How often you sweep and mop is entirely down to you and is dependent on time as well as your inclination when it comes to cleaning! It is everyone’s favourite past and thus, a concrete floor is possibly the best solution as you don’t need to be vacuuming or sweeping every day.

However, on this note, although your floor is sealed, certain food and drink can stain so we suggest that when anything is dropped on it that you wipe it up straight away.

  1. Sweep the floor using a soft bristle brush, making sure you loosen all the debris on the floor
  2. Sweep up the excess debris and dust
  • Using your dust mop, you can now go over the floor to pick up the finer particles and debris; this is an especially good technique to get rid of all the dust
  1. Fill your bucket with warm water, adding one or two capfuls – or follow the manufacturer’s instructions – of your cleaning substance
  2. Do not harsh chemicals such as ‘sugar soap’ or anything that contains vinegar; these are two acidic and will slowly wear away the top shine and sealing coat of your concrete floor
  3. Give your mop a good soaking and then rinse well by squeezing the water out of it
  • Now wipe the mop over the floor, paying attention to the edges of the room and so on
  • Repeat until you have completed the whole room!

It’s that simple!

You will have done it hundreds of times before on laminate or vinyl covered floor and there really is nothing complicated about looking after polished concrete flooring.

There are a few other considerations when it comes to your floor –

  • You may want to rebuff your floor so that it once again has a pleasant glossy shine to the surface. You can do this by hiring a high-speed buffer from a hardware store (ask for a white bad which is a soft pad and non-scratching) or alternatively, there are some companies who will do it for you.
  • Concrete floors should be resealed every three to four years. Although you can do this yourself, the industry advice is to get the professionals in to do the job.

Now you know how easy they are to clean and keep clean, isn’t it time you opted for concrete flooring? The possibilities of concrete are almost endless…