How Concrete Floors Can Help to Achieve a Minimalist Look

The minimalist look in a home’s interior is a style that many people covet, but not quite achieve. There are various principles of minimalist style which some people feel are difficult to achieve in a busy, family home. It is, however, a style that suits any home or property. By taking the key components of this design and combining it with polished concrete floors as your flooring solution, you too can have the minimalist look and feel to your home.

Why opt for polished concrete floors?

A minimalist design is about being able to live in a space without hindrance, clutter or fuss. It means having a space that is beautiful, but one that does not take hours and hours to maintain or keep clean. It is about clean line, minimal fuss and with one key feature in it to attract the eye. It is not about having a sparse feel to a room or space, meaning that it is devoid of all character. In a family home, it will mean that in a room, there is one dramatic addition that stands out, with everything else playing a supporting role. It could be the dramatic central light fitting hung low over the dining table, or it could be the piece of art hung central on the wall. Or, it could be the drama of the polished concrete floor beneath your feet.

Minimalist and practical

There is no denying that the true essence of a minimalist design is practicality. You can have a minimal room that still offers a practical solution to modern living. And a concrete floor sits this bill perfectly. Easy to maintain, super-easy to keep clean – and hygienically clean – and a versatile flooring solution, the concrete floor is not only popular for contemporary designs but in the family home too.

Completely unique

The one thing that many people enjoy about their concrete floor is that no matter how many other concrete floors the installers lays, each one will have a unique look about it. This is down not only to the combination and quantities of the component parts of the mix – water, sand, cement and aggregate – but also the dispersal of them and the treatments applied.

But why team a polished concrete floor with a minimalist design?

There are many reasons why a polished concrete floor hits the mark when it comes to creating a minimalist design in a home or in a single room…

Minimalist design principle – create a unique feature

In a minimalist design, as we looked at previously, there needs to be a unique feature that stands out above all else. The versatile of concrete, including elegant refined diamond concrete floors, is that they can be the dramatic feature or they can be neutral, play a supporting role to the feature in another part of the room or space.

Minimalist design principle – practical

The minimalist interior design scheme is all about beautiful, clean lines but not at the expense of being practical. This is why polished concrete floors could be considered essential for such a style;
  • Durable – polished, refined diamond concrete floors last a lifetime. Once installed, the time when the floor would need replacing (if at all) is so far in the future that it won’t be in your lifetime.
  • Easy maintenance – there is no need for expensive waxing and sealing as this only needs repeating once in a blue moon. There is nothing more than you need to do the concrete floor that sweep it and mop it. It takes minutes to keep it fresh and super-clean.
  • Hygienically clean too – there is nowhere for dust mites, fleas or other allergens to hide. For people to are prone to suffer asthma, other breathing difficulties or who have sensitive skin, a polished concrete floor is a perfect addition to their home.

Minimalist principle – every room can be minimalist in design and shape

And that means the flooring in the bathroom can create the sense of drama that a minimalist design needs. It also means the kitchen, with its sleek design can have a floor that supports the final finish and look. Refined diamond concrete floors are perfect for any room, from a high gloss finish in the lounge to a practical floor covering in the kitchen and the bathroom.

And finally…

Polished concrete floors are cost-effective, placing them firmly in your reach. Once installed, there is no on-going, costly maintenance. No need to buy new flooring because the old one has worn out…

So, you see, a minimalist interior design is within reach and with a great flooring choice like a polished concrete floor, why wouldn’t you?