Trends in decorative concrete flooring – the top 5!

When thinking of flooring for your home, the likelihood is that you will automatically think about carpet, tiles or wood, including laminate but, there is another product that can be used to create amazing bespoke flooring.

Polished concrete offers a variety of finishes and amazing results, adding more than a touch of class and elegant glamour to any home and with our top 5 tips, you will be on-trend with your flooring!

Trend 1 – colourful concrete overlays

One of the easiest ways of completely changing or updating the look for a room is the use of colourful concrete overlays on already existing concrete floors.

There are many different products that can do this but generally speaking, a specially formulated polymer coating is added as a top layer to the concrete. The beauty of this option is the range of colours and finishes that can be created, leaving you with a truly unique and amazing floor.

Damaged floor? Not a problem…

If you have a concrete floor, and there are areas of damage it is possible to have these parts of the floor effectively repaired and then the addition of this concrete overlay. It will look like new, and there is no compromise in strength nor structure.

With a range of bold, rich colours, we think the only problem with this on trend flooring option is how you will make your choice…

Trend 2 – polished concrete floors

A polished concrete floor is a thing of beauty, the beautiful swan that emerges from the unrefined and raw ugly duckling, with is the grey concrete that we see used in modern day construction projects.

Once the concrete floor is laid and dried, technicians buff the top layer of course concrete to reveal a high gloss finish that will simply delight you for years to come. Many people think this can only be done with new concrete floors, but this is not the case. Older floors can be spruce up with this buffed, polishing action too!

Add to this the high gloss the use of colour too, and you can imagine how bespoke and glamourous your floor will look. And it is not only homeowners indulging in this on trend flooring; industrial units and other commercial premises are realising that their flooring too can look swish and delightful – and not grey or boring!

Trend 3 – acid stained concrete

The correct application of acid stain to a concrete floor creates the most amazing marbling effect, of all colours and depth. In fact, if you are wanting a completely bespoke look that cannot be replicated, then this is the finish for you when it comes to concrete flooring.

The acid in the stain reacts with limestone, producing all kinds of different hues; the more concentrated the limestone is in the concrete, the darker the colour. It creates a delightful affect that many people mistake for other materials, such as marble.

If you want a bespoke, yet natural and colourful effect, then consider the application of acid stain to your concrete floor.

Trend 4 – stamped concrete floors

Increasing in popularity, is the use of stamps to create ‘patterned’ concrete floors that again, are unique and tasteful to the interior of your property.

If you hanker after the natural look of stone, but cannot afford the price tag, then this is the option for you. Anything from patios to kitchen floors, to the bathroom, the ling, the hallway, all through the house in fact, can benefit from this stamping effect. Combine it with the addition of colour and you have an amazing finish that will be mistaken for ‘the real thing’ by your guests.

Trend 5 – scored concrete

Adding texture, dimension and shape to your concrete floor can be done so through a scored application. There are a few different application techniques, such as;

  • The use of different colours to access the flooring according to your design tastes; using industrial tools such as a circular saw, shallow scores or cuts are made in the surface of the concrete which creates a textured, layered look.
  • For those with block colour concrete floors, this effect can also be obtained by the use of multiple shades and colours.

The important thing with this on trend flooring decoration is that the concrete floor is sealed after the treatment has been applied. This way, the floor is protected against the harshness of everyday life and stays looking simply fabulous, for longer.

The beauty of concrete as a flooring option in any situation is that it looks simply fabulous, and with a growing range of options in terms of colour, finish and design, it is no wonder more people are realising the beauty of concrete.