Design trends – concrete floors

Concrete floors are modern, functional and beautiful (especially those Midland Polished Concrete)they glimmer and shine, bouncing light around a room, making it appear bigger and brighter than it is.

In fact, the very versatility of concrete when it comes to creating bespoke floors is the very reason why it is now becoming incredibly popular; it can left as a matte finish too, painted and stencilled to create unique bespoke patterns and finishes. Even better is when the ease of keeping it clean is considered; wipe, mop, vacuum or sweep – a polished concrete floor can be sparkling in no time!

When you hear the word concrete, what do you think of…?

We assume, like many other people, that concrete is simply grey, dull and boring. We think industrial slabs of enormous amounts of grey layers; we may also think it too industrial, too institutional like, too stark, and too cold, simply ‘not for the home’ or its interior. It is a material famed for its strength and reliability; used increasingly in construction, buildings constructed from these vast enormous sheets of concrete can quickly take shape.

As fabulous and delightful these qualities are, it also places concrete outside of the realm of the domestic customer; this over-industrial flavour cannot surely be refined to make it a material that is in anyway, fit for use in the home… can it?

But it can, and it has. Producing some stunning effects, concrete when it is refined and polished, can create the most unbelievable floors, and worktops and other essential interior components.

5 benefits of opting for these modern design trend in flooring…

Warm and elegant, there is something simply amazing about this modern flooring option but, don’t let the term modern fool you in to thinking it is only for modern, new building house, apartments or commercial buildings. It can be used in any property as its finish can be moulded to suit its surroundings… so, when it comes to a polished concrete floor, there is no squeezing a round peg into a square hole.

        I.            Sustainability

Many people assume that concrete is not a sustainable option, consuming a large amount of raw materials, as well as being a power-hungry industry. It is this non-green reputation that some consumers worry about but, there are differing viewpoints in ‘how green?/is it green?’ debate when it comes to concrete.

Many buildings already contain a concrete floor, hidden away under a top layer of more expensive material. People are realising this and, fuelled by the photographs of amazing floors with superb polished, glossy finishes, with just a few minor alterations and additions, your concrete floor can look simply stunning.

polished concrete flooring

      II.            Easy care

Our homes and businesses are busy places; from high traffic areas, to children playing, pets and others, our floors take a daily abuse from morning through to night. Some flooring is not suitable in some areas of the home; we can spend time and money on cleaning carpets, rugs, polishing wood etc.

Polished concrete floors, regardless of the pattern of the finish, present no such problems. A quick sweep or vacuum, a wipe or mop will instantly restore hygiene, as well as the gleaming surface, how easy is that? A modern-day design trend that is truly functional.

    III.            Cost-effective

With many households budgets stretched, it can be difficult to source the flooring that you want at the price that you want. But, concrete offers an amazing benefit in its affordability and, when you consider the overall look and finish you can get, you will question why you never thought of concrete as the flooring option for your home before!

    IV.            Longevity

Add to this already cost-effective material, the fact that it can and does last a long, long time and you can see how polished concrete floors have become such a modern day, popular design trend. In fact, a polished concrete floor, maintained to a high standard can last hundreds of years; the pedigree of concrete is such that it is now being seen as a material that should be celebrated, along with its history.

      V.            Versatility

And finally, the very reason why polished concrete floors are THE interior design trend of the 21st century is that fact that as a material, it can be used in so many different ways. With the simple addition of stains, stamped patterns or even paints and other finishes, a floor can be created that is truly unique to that property.

The industrial sector around the world, along with the construction industry have long been aware of the versatility that concrete, as a material, offered them. This is now no longer a secret, with interior designers across the globe relishing the prospect of polished concrete floors being an addition to any property.