The wide range of benefits of polished concrete flooring

Our homes are our castles. They keep us warm, safe and secure; they are the pods where all of life plays out.

We want to be surrounded by beautiful things that are just as functional, as they are a delight to use. However, in this pursuit of beauty and functionality, we can find that some materials leave us wanting but, we choose them anyway, because their beauty is what we want.

Flooring is one such purchase. We want the look, the design statement and the beauty but, we don’t want the endless hours of cleaning; we don’t want to sit, looking at a stain on the carpet that means yet more scrubbing. In our pursuit of functional floor coverings, we tend to be drawn to the traditional, that tried and tested, to the ‘norm’ but, there is a material that will create the perfect floor covering – a polished concrete floor is worth its weight in gold.

The benefits of polished concrete flooring

Once you read through the long lists of benefits, you will realise that concrete is the wonder material of the modern age (but actually, it is quite old as it was first created and use in ancient times!)…

  • Creates balance – when it comes to flooring, every home has different needs in some way but in others, we all want the same thing: beauty and Finding something that looks good, but is able to offer a practical floor surface for your home can be difficult. You may, for example, want lighter coloured flooring but assume that your interior décor is doomed to heavily patterned carpet because you have pets… with concrete, you can go light in colour and still have a practical floor surface
  • Energy efficient – in your permanent quest to make our homes comfortable and warm, but without sky rocketing energy bills, you wouldn’t naturally assume that flooring is anywhere near the front line in energy efficiency. But, polished to a high, glossy sheet, concrete floors not only bounce light around a space (natural and ambient), it is also a material that is solid, durable and low maintenance. It is also super-efficient at reflecting heat around too and, if the rest of the space is as energy efficient as possible, your pad will stay warmer, for longer
  • Versatile – many materials can be describe as versatile but then, when it comes to the crunch there is always something that it cannot quite do or cope with. Not with concrete; it can adapt to many different functions and applications, from worktops to floors, to being the main weight-bearing structure within a building. In terms of flooring, it looks just as fabulous, and is just as practical within a domestic setting as it does within a commercial one.
  • Time-saving – you wouldn’t necessarily think of making the decision regarding flooring based on time but, with polished concrete floors, their installation is far quicker than the majority of other materials. For example, large areas of floor can be laid in sections, so that they can dry. This is more important, perhaps, for commercial customers who cannot afford to close their businesses for days, whilst new flooring is laid.
  • Low maintenance and hygienic – regardless of where a concrete floor is laid – home or business – it presents a hygienic floor surface that is simply, easy and quick to clean. A sweep and a mop is all it takes to keep the shine, as well as promote cleanliness throughout the area.
  • Cost-effective – concrete is possibly one of the most cost-effective materials a customer can invest in. Covering small to large areas with ease, the fact that it can last for decades without looking tired or grubby is a cost-effective investment that will pay you back time and time again.
  • Durable and robust – for the busy family home, a polished concrete floor is simply perfect. For a busy commercial premises, a concrete floor is also perfection. This is because it is durable and robust, more than able to stand up to the rigours of family an industrial life, without chipping or staining.
  • A signature finish – the one aspect of concrete that some people fail to appreciate until they see the true marvel is that the final finish… and what a finish it is! With so many options of colour, design and style, you find it difficult to make a choice.

And, finally…

… if you needed any more persuading, polished concrete floors not only look simply fabulous but they don’t harbour mould, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, those nasty allergens that makes us sneeze and our skin sore and neither does it soak up liquids. Everything you need from a floor in your home or business.