The fantastic health benefits of polished concrete floors

There are many ailments that can be aggravated by us being in certain circumstances or situations. Those with chronic hay fever will know the misery of summer, and a light breeze that carries the pollen all around them.

Those with breathing difficulties will also know the scourge of a hot day, in a city surrounded by pollution, heavy in the air and heavy on their chest.

Whilst we can sometimes see the problems that adversely affect our health, there are times when we can’t. Oblivious to their impact, we are unable to take evasive action. In fact, we discover that something was causing us an issue by happy mistake; such as replacing carpeted floors in our homes with hard floors, such as a polished concrete floor.

But how can a polished concrete floor have such a positive impact on health?

Firstly, the surface of a concrete floor, especially when it is buffed and polished to a high gloss, is a clean surface on which no nasty bugs, allergens or bacteria can make their home. There are no soft and cosy fibres in which they can makes their home; there is no food, no moisture to attract them and keep them there. In other words, there is no hiding place.

However, if you think that a concrete floor can only be used in a modern building, newly built and squeaky clean, then you need to think again because concrete really is a versatile material. From ‘olde world’ cottages to a modern, loft-living apartment, concrete can be laid anywhere and buffed to an amazing gloss, with colours and patterns so that it mimics other materials.

No camouflage

Bugs and bacteria, along with allergens such as pollen, need to ‘hide’ somewhere. Even though many of this tiny, pesky creates cannot be seen with the naked eye, and therefore don’t see to hide in a visual sense, they need to be able to attach to something.

And one thing that some bacteria need is moisture. Concrete is one big unit of material; it is one solid piece and therefore, there is nowhere for moisture to accumulate. For those suffering from compromised or weak immune systems, along with people suffering from mould allergies, concrete is the perfect flooring for you as the allergens and bacteria that cause you a nuisance to your health, cannot survive in this dry, concrete environment.

Makes cleaning a breeze

Of course, as much as you clean a carpet or dry clean your rugs, there is always a place for allergens and bacteria to hide (never mind the pests like carpet moths and beetles). Hours and hours of vacuuming, followed by steam cleaning is probably not your idea of fun but, if you want your flooring free from bacteria and so on, this is something you will have to do on a regular basis.

Glossy, polished concrete floors make cleaning a breeze. It really is as simple as this: sweep or vacuum, followed by a mop or, better still, a steam cleaning mop and the job is done. No bacteria, no allergens, no mould, no pests. And, because it is done in minutes, you can do it as many time in a week as you want and still probably spend no more than an hour, in total, on keeping your concrete floors sparklingly ad hygienically clean.

But changing habits can help… or can they?

Many people with carpets and rugs will tell you that no one is allowed in the house with shoes on. Treading carpets with shoes is one sure-fire way of bringing in allergens and bacteria in to a home. Taking your shoes off at the door can help, but it is not just the soles of the feet or shoe that carries these bug in to your homes.

They are all around us; they fly in through open doors and windows. They hitch a lift on clothing and bags; they makes their way on our pets. You cannot live your life in a bubble. That would be equally as unhygienic as living with a bug-infested carpet… and boring.

However, you sometimes need to be able to sanitise the house. Like when a child brings a stomach bug home from school and then, one by one, everyone in the family gets hit with it… and the house becomes a place where the ill recover. And then, just as we start to pick ourselves up, we need to help our immune system to restore itself to full health.

Having a clean house, from sanitised worktops to flooring, is essential. A polish concrete floor can take the punishment of steam and cleaning chemicals. Could your carpet?

Looking after ourselves, mind, body and soul

Just as too much stress impinges on your physical and emotional health, so too does the physical environment in which we live. The cleanliness of our home has a direct impact on our health. Eco-friendly, as well as hygienically clean, polished concrete floors are perfect for every home.