5 Reasons A Polished Concrete Floor is Better Than Unpolished

Unpolished concrete floors offer industrial buildings, warehouses and other commercial settings robust flooring solution that will last the test of time.

Although tough, leaving the concrete floor unpolished will result in many disadvantages – an unpolished concrete floor, for example, will cost more money to maintain.

The cost-effective alternative is a polished concrete floor.

Here are five reasons why a polished concrete floor is the perfect choice…

1 No dust

One of the many reasons why people choose concrete floors in the home is that the smooth, hard surface can be kept dust free. But unpolished concrete floors are porous, as the top layer of the material has not been sealed. This leads to tiny dust particles pushing through to the surface, leaving a fine film of dust.

Dust is a nuisance. It is messy to walk on and it can damage the existing epoxy coating too. This will lead to the need for the top coating being reapplied, as well as some possible repairs. Dust from an unpolished concrete floor is difficult to clean, with the dust settling on everything in the room as well as the floor itself.

It is unpleasant and not something that you want in the home. In most industrial settings, the concrete floor is sealed to prevent dust clogging machinery, a sign of how much of a nuisance the dust rising from the floor becomes.

2 Reduce maintenance cost

A polished concrete floor has an extra layer of resistance to what is thrown at it! In an industrial or commercial setting, this can be heavier foot traffic, the use of heavy machinery, tyre marks and so on.

In a domestic setting, kid’s toys, furniture and general use can take a toll on any flooring solution but with a polished concrete floor, you can be confident that there is the ability to resist scuffs and stains.

The good news is that you don’t need to be applying sealers and waxes every other day to keep the concrete polished and sealed. Overall, it only needs to be re-sealed once in a blue moon which means that in the longer-term, it is possibly the most effective flooring solutions there is.

Unpolished concrete floors will need to stripped backed on a regular basis to be re-coated with wax and/or sealer.

3 Looks stunning

A polished concrete floor, depending on the colour and the finish, will often be mistaken for another material; for example, a white base concrete floor is often mistaken for marble. It is sleek and versatile, a flooring solution that is popular in the home, in offices, schools, colleges, factories and warehouses, as well as many other locations.

But polished concrete doesn’t stop at the floor. There is an increasing interest in what the material can offer for worktops. Again, a layer of concrete sealed and polished looks simply stunning in the kitchen and bathroom.

Unpolished concrete the opposite to this; it is bland, rough and non-shiny. It is hard to keep clean too.

4 A range of designs and colours

Want the crisp clean coolness of marble but don’t have the budget? Or maybe you want the texture and colour of dramatic slate in the kitchen, but the budget says no?

There is no need to settle for second best because a polished concrete floor can be treated and finished in such a way that the final look of the floor is anything but concrete.

Whether for a commercial building or the home, the range of concrete designs and colours is vast.

With the use of acid staining and/or concrete dye, you can create a flooring solution that is completely unique to your property. No matter how many concrete floors are laid, or where they are, no two floors are ever the same.

With careful application, as well as in-depth knowledge, a professional installer can create a polished concrete floor for your home or business that is stunning.

Unpolished concrete, however, retains the grey, boring and bland colouring and finish. Although this may suit some applications, for most customers, a polished concrete floor is what they really covet.

5 Slip resistant

The shiny surface however, always causes some concern as some people can think that it is slippery. Polished concrete floors are not slippery, although you can opt for an anti-slip conditioner to be added to the final polish. This can be helpful to stop slips when the concrete is wet.

Talk with your contractor about the benefits of polished concrete floors.