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One of the many factors that sets Midland Flooring apart from our competitors is our extensive outdoor display area which allows potential customers to see examples of polished concrete and concrete floors in the ‘flesh’ in true to life scenarios.

There’s nothing quite like seeing floors in real-life, rather than photographs, and customers travel miles to our centrally-located offices near Birmingham to get a feel for the products on a large scale. Our samples range in size up to 3m by 2m because we find that small samples do not represent the colour and texture variation that would be present over a much larger area.

The display area has become such a valuable tool to customers that we are currently in the process of extending it to feature just under 40 samples of polished concrete, showcasing a large variety of the options available.

Customers can already come and get a feel for the appearance and durability of a variety of floors and we have now produced 27 new samples, with nine different colours in all three of our finishes, which will make it one of the best display areas in the country.

These new samples will be laid this week to add to the existing display of polished concrete floors in refined diamond finish, fine finish, exposed concrete and micro concrete, shown in colours including Natural, Smokestone, Pewter and Raven Grey.

Not only do you get to examine flooring samples close up, you can also see how they stand the test of time against the elements of the great British weather. We leave all polished concrete flooring to weather for at least six months as part of our standard testing processes and some samples have been in situ for several years.

We get lots of positive feedback from customers about the display area as it helps them to be confident in the choices they make for their domestic or commercial projects.

Midland Flooring uses only the highest quality concrete and installation techniques, based on years of testing and expertise. Call or visit us today to find out more.

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