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Will it match? What will it look like when it all comes together?

Choosing The Right Flooring To Match Your Home

Who would have thought that choosing the right flooring to match your home would result in so many questions? If you are stood at the precipice of determining which flooring solution and style is best, you need our list of eight factors to bear in mind when making the final flooring choice for you home. HINT: as you read through the following eight hints and tips, you need to keep at the fore front of your mind, the answers to the following questions – what is YOUR style? What do YOU like and dislike?  

Room size

  Not everyone lives in a palatial pad with oodles of space and floor to ceiling windows. There are flats, apartments and houses across the UK that have ‘average’ size rooms (some are smaller) and in the case of the right flooring solution to match your décor, size does matter.   In many cases, the rooms size impacts the budget. You may dream of an all-wool carpet in your lounge but frankly, the budget simply isn’t big enough to handle it.   Looking for the right flooring solution means finding one in your budget-range that also suits your décor – and polished concrete flooring could be the solution.  


  The rule is simple: dark colours absorb light and light colours reflect it. If you have a dark floor, it will suck in the light in the room. If you have a lighter coloured floor, it can bounce light – both natural and ambient – about the space making it feel bigger. As you choose your perfect flooring solution, consider the impact the colour of it will have on light. And don’t forget that a shiny surface, like a polished concrete floor, could reflect even more light about the space.  

The big picture

  Just a word of warning – an empty room looks and feels very different to the room when it is dressed and accessorised. Bear this in mind when you look at flooring solutions.  


  We’ve hinted at how colours impact on light but there is another facet to colour: it can blend or it can stand apart.   This is all about creating the focal piece in a room. Do you want the feature wall to be the thing that attracts the eye or is the floor the star of the show? With some flooring solutions, they blend into the background, offering a neutral backdrop against which other items in the room can shine. Or you can make the gleaming, polished surface of a concrete floor the star of the show.  


  Which do you prefer – the cosiness of carpet underfoot or the hygienically clean surface of a hard floor such as polished concrete?   There is, of course, no right or wrong answer to this, with the preference being a completely personal one. However, read on to the next point to understand why polished concrete floor could actually be the toasty warm floor underfoot that you have always dreamed of…  

Underfloor heating

  Some people think of underfloor heating as being a new technology but it is a heating system that has been around for centuries.   And it works brilliantly with a polished concrete floor. A wet or water underfloor system is laid in a concrete sub-floor, and a concrete layer poured on top. Once this has cured (dried), the top layer can be treated and polished to give an amazing final finish.   Even better is that with this efficient heating system beneath your feet, you will have a delightfully warm floor for your room.   If you want something soft underfoot, why not opt for a rug or two?  


  You have decided you want a light-coloured floor that reflects light in the room. A neutral colour will not clash or detract from the feature wall you have taken hours to create.   But a light-coloured carpet in a house with children and pets is possibly not the best solution. How about a flooring solution that is impervious to stains, scuffs and bumps? How about a flooring solution that is easy to clean and take care of? Does such a flooring solution exist?   It does and it comes in the shape of polished concrete floors.  


  And finally, the choice of which flooring solution matches your décor will also be impacted on what type of room it is. It needs to be a practical flooring solution – carpet in the bathroom or kitchen is never a good look after a few weeks with stains and smells.   What flooring options are open to you? Is a polished concrete floor the perfect option? We think so…  

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