How Concrete Floors Can Help Achieve a Minimalist Look

It is, say interior designers, one of the hardest design schemes to create and implement with conviction.

A minimalist design should be light and airy, but not dull or devoid of character.

Many people mistake minimalism for de-cluttering, living without fuss and ornamentation.

This is not even half the story…


Basic principles of minimalism (and how concrete floors fit with each of them)

As with all design principles there are rules – some of these are hard and fast, never to be circumnavigated and yet, the very essence of design is that you can take chances, you can bend, flex or break these rules to create something spontaneous and unique.

You can do this with minimalism too but before you sweep out everything from your house or apartment, take a look at the basic principles of what is a true minimalist design. If your dream is to have polished concrete floors, you may also want to know how this flooring option fits with these ‘rules’ too…

Principle 1 – Spacious room with minimal furniture

Have you noticed how some people’s houses are filled with not just knick-knacks but furniture too. A vast, sweeping expanse of wall, cut in sections by sideboards, nests of table and chairs.

With a minimalist design, you are looking to add minimal furniture into a space that is spacious. This doesn’t mean knocking walls down, living open plan and so on. You can achieve this look in a room of any size and proportion.

In this sense, the flooring option is essential. You want something that looks good all over, that allows the vast expanse of floor to sweep out in front of your eyes.

And yes, you’ve guessed it, a polished concrete floor does just that because the main attention to detail in a minimalist design is shape, colour and texture.

Principle 2 – Shapes

In a modern minimalist design scheme, shape prevails over purpose.

But what does this mean exactly? It means furniture should be streamlined. It means furniture should be of the highest standard, upholstered in the best fabric your budget can stretch too.

There should be no hard divisions in a minimalist design. Instead, the additions in the room or space will allow certain sections or zones to be created. And these are ‘soft’, moveable, non-permanent divisions such as fabric, furniture and glass.

Polished concrete floors are to be laid in a way that the same colour scheme is the same throughout the space. Don’t separate the kitchen with a darker colour concrete from the lighter floor in the living room. This is too divisive.

Shiny surfaces are also an important essence of a minimalist design, something that a polished concrete floor provides in abundance.

Principle 3 – Minimal accessories

For many, this is a cathartic moment, letting go of clutter and ‘debris’ accumulated over years. There will be some things you want to retain – this isn’t about ditching everything from modern life – but about streamlining everything so that what you want to keep or what you go on to buy, have meaning and style.

This minimal ‘clutter’ can also be related to carpeting, rugs and other flooring options. Polished concrete floors give a pleasant, spacious feel to the floor in a minimalist design.

Principle 4 – Easy clean floors

The flooring option within a minimalist design need to be easy to clean and take care of. Wood works well, as does tiling and some linoleums. But with a polished concrete floor, you can have a floor that mimics marble, slate, tiles, any option you want.

Polished concrete floors are one of the healthiest flooring options, as well as hardwearing and robust, perfect for a minimalist design.

Principle 5 – White is the main colour…

… but there are other alternatives if white is too stark for you. Take a look at beige, grey or even a light green. The point is, they should be neutral and not the main splash of colour in the room.

This neutral colour should be across the walls, ceiling and the floor too, great news if you are opting for polished concrete floors. Concrete floors can be coloured in any shade you want, perfect for a neutral layer of colour in a minimalist design.

Principle 6 – One accent colour

Designers always caution against using too many colours, shades and tones, telling us to follow the rule of three: one main colour, a second complimentary and one accent colour.

With a minimalist design, you opt for one accent colour. And that’s it.

With a concrete floor, it provides the perfect neutral backdrop so that the accent colour glows.

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